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Slima® - Thermo Sauna Compressing Leggings

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Innovative Technology for maximum effectiveness ! 

Designed with a special inner lining, our Slima® leggings increase body heat in targeted areas and promote sweating in the stomach, buttocks, thighs and calves.
This leads to accelerated weight loss.



Functional an Comfortable at the same time

Our Slima® leggings are long enough for perfect coverage and targeted treatment of the legs and calves. It is soft, comfortable and follows your movements perfectly without getting in your way.
The Legging are light, discreet and can be worn anywhere - at home or in the gym.



Endless advantages for guaranteed effectiveness!

Apart from its practicality, our sweat leggings guarantee a quick result : 

✔ Rapid weight loss (increases body temperature)
✔ Accelerated sweating (up to 5 times more)
✔ Elimination of all traces of water and fat
✔ Facilitates fitness (burns calories quickly)
✔ Limitation of risks (injury, tearing)
✔ Prevention of fatigue


Slima® - Thermo Sauna Compressing Leggings
Slima® - Thermo Sauna Compressing Leggings

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